When does the soul enter the body during pregnancy?

When does the soul enter the body during pregnancy?

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I know you have the same question, when does the soul enter the body during pregnancy in your mind. I share my knowledge and information with you based on different religious aspects then. 

In reality, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Some people believe that a new soul is there during pregnancy. Some say it happens at birth, and others claim it’s not until you die. It is an overall confusion to us.

As I have been working with pregnancy-related issues for a long time, I hope to give the best answer. So, stay with me, and I will provide you with every logical information with my observation on it.

Souls of unborn babies

There are so many theories about it among us. But, we will not believe all of them or reject them. We will go one by one and analyze them. 

Souls of unborn babies

Generally, the soul of an unborn baby starts to move in the womb at 120 days. The movement is a sign that tells us that the soul is already in the body. You can then understand that the baby is alive. A mother can feel the movement. And the doctors even can see it through medical checkups. 

It is not clear how many people believe in this information and sources. But we will try to check each possible answer available on it. Then you can decide which one you should consider.

When does the soul enter the fetus as per Islam?

At first, we have to see in the Holy Quran? A person is made from soil; then placed on a sperm. Then this Sperm goes into the fetus and starts to develop a body. It takes four months to create the movement; you can say that the soul is there in month 4. Is it true?

If we go deep, the matter is different. Islam says that the soul enters the fetus four months after conception. The soul is in the first cell of the embryo. But the matter of fact is, the Sperm itself is Alive! That means the soul is already there. The soul is there from the first day and acts as a part of Sperm.

When does the soul enter the body during pregnancy in Hinduism?

According to Hinduism, they also have the general concept of soul coming from 6 to 8 weeks. But is that real? We should not depend on the wrong ideas; let’s discuss based on the information and listen to experts. Mr. Aniruddh Pattanshetti, an embryologist says, the soul enters the body during pregnancy. The fetus has a soul from the moment of conception. But it has no movement, which starts from week 6 to 8. 

So, according to information, the soul comes to the body when the fetus starts to grow. And it leaves the body when it is reborn or at death. The concept and information are mostly similar. It is both supported by the Hindu religion and doctors.

When does the soul enter the body in Catholic?

In Catholic theology, the soul enters the body at conception. God created the soul, and it has no death. So technically, the soul lives in the body. The body is a temporary place for the soul to inhabit and act with the body. At death, the soul leaves the body. Then goes to Heaven or Hell depending on what one has done with their life.

Now we know what the Christians believe. The concept of “soul” in Catholic theology can be challenging to define because it’s not a physical entity that can be seen or touched. But, in reality, doctors in the US tell that the soul comes in between 2-3 months. So, there are both spiritual and medical aspects to this topic.

How does a soul choose parents?

I know the answer will be confusing. The soul is an entity that chooses the parents it will have. It comes from the creator, God, Allah, and whatever we name. Each soul is made for its parents, with their nature of them. And it decides which parent will be the mother and which parent will be the father.

How does a soul choose parents

If we want to explain it comically, it is like software installed in a fetus that becomes a body. It has the same genetic information, behavior, looks, and other parents’ things. It is not like that; they will live life through different experiences. And so they go to the parents who will help them through those experiences. They are like their parents.

How does a soul find a body?

It is not happening that way. The soul is a concept on which there are debates in various religions and philosophical forums. The idea of the soul is that it is a metaphysical entity. It survives after death and continues to live in another form but is not believed by all. 

How does a soul find a body

A soul is an entity in the fetus or Sperm from the first day. It is created by the creator and then sent to a specific body. There is no hard proof of human creation without religious sources. So, it is done by God. There is a lot of pregnancy-related information on Mybellababy site; you can visit that too.

Last few words

After a thorough discussion on when the soul enters the body during pregnancy, I think we are a little bit clear about the matter. In my opinion, it is created by God, and it is with the fetus or body from the first day. If you want, do more research if you want to know more clearly.



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