How to avoid ectopic pregnancy with IVF?

How to avoid ectopic pregnancy with IVF?

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Ectopic pregnancy is a widespread problem, and hundreds of new mothers face this problem. They all have the common question in mind, how to avoid ectopic pregnancy with IVF? We will go step by step on the issue to make it clear. 

IVF is a process where we set the embryo in the uterus, and it causes ectopic. The possibility of pregnancy is infrequent in this case, around 2%. We avoid pregnancy; IVF is a good solution these days. But there are a few matters; it might not work properly if you have unhealthy tubes and old ectopic problems. 

Let’s have a detailed discussion on it then. 

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How does IVF work?

IVF is when we divert the sperms to go into the tubes. It slows the sperm to the uterus. It is a well-researched process, and many women have benefited from it. So, many people believe in this process, and few get the hassle of pregnancy. 

Signs of ectopic pregnancy after IVF

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that takes place out of the womb. It happens when the fertilized egg attaches itself to something. When it avoids the uterus lining and takes place on the fallopian tubes or ovary. I will tell you how you can prevent these kinds of pregnancy issues. There are a few processes that will keep you safe.:

– Use the IVF properly

– Have an irregular physical relationship, regularly for three days or five days have more risk

– Don’tDon’t smoke, drink alcohol, or use recreational drugs

– Eat healthy foods and get enough sleep

– Follow your doctor’s advice about taking vitamins and medications

Signs of ectopic pregnancy after IVF

It is not very common to have an ectopic pregnancy, it is unfortunate, and in a few cases, these are accidents. It is the highest 1% to 2% in all the issues. There are some common symptoms of this kind of pregnancy; I am shortlisting them below as you can match your one with it. 

  • Acute pain in the abdomen
  • You will feel tired, dizzy and also can faint away too
  • There will be sudden bleeding from your Vagina
  • You may feel cramping on your abdomen
  • It can cause lower back pain too

How can you have an ectopic pregnancy with IVF?

The process of getting pregnant with IVF was discussed earlier. But to tell in detail, through the IVF, we send the embryo away from the tubes. So, it goes to the uterus and loses its effect. If you have a defective tube or any other issues, you can get pregnant. So, it is a medical malfunction. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy of HCG levels is another important factor. Generally, if the HCG level is 51%, then it is okay. But if the level is less than 18% and higher than 75%, then you are in real trouble. So, we have to monitor the HCG level while expecting pregnancy. No one expects the issue of ectopic pregnancy, so being careful is the best method.  

Ectopic pregnancy after frozen embryo transfer is another query for expecting women. We know the pregnancy rate from ectopic, but it is possible with fresh embryos. In the case of frozen embryos, the rate is too low. If we look at the statistics, it is less than 2%. 

Can poor egg quality cause ectopic pregnancy?

It is another medical issue that is not easy for us. To make it easy. The egg quality does not matter in ectopic pregnancy. If you have tubal problems, a poor egg can also affect you. It also can happen if the egg somehow gets into the tube or is stuck on the uterus wall. It happens to those who have fallopian tube damage. 

But when will you understand that? In the case of ectopic pregnancy, generally, you cannot understand that. Even you cannot identify that for weeks. No urine or blood test can recognize it. So, it will be a sudden attack for you. You can notice it after 16 weeks and when it starts to hurt. So, it is a risky type of pregnancy and, for sure, an entirely unwanted one. 

Ectopic pregnancy after IVF transfer

We have already shed some light on the issue with details. There is no easy way to get pregnant with IVF. But, there are some rare cases. There is a 1% to 2% case you get pregnant if you have any abnormality on your tubes. It is a medical technology that sends your sperm to the uterus and cannot work correctly. So, a lot of women with this method are enjoying positive results. 

If you still get pregnant, that is Ectopic pregnancy, only awareness and your medical condition can give you a solution. Ectopic pregnancy after a 5 day transfer is another critical issue. It is unlikely to conceive after three days if you have regular fluid transfer, but it is riskier after five days. So, you can avoid Ectopic pregnancy also by irregular fluid transfer. On the other hand, you can also have a medical checkup to prevent these conditions. 

There is a lot of discussion about this topic online. If you have any query then you can try, ectopic pregnancy IVF forum to get helpful information. If you need any other pregnancy-related questions, visit Mybellababy site for information. 

Final words

We have accommodated all available information and resources on how to avoid ectopic pregnancy with IVF? Now, you know how to use this information and take caution. So, stay safe and take the necessary steps to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 


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