How to sleep during pregnancy in the third trimester.

How to sleep during pregnancy in the third trimester.

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Pregnancy is a difficult time for the new expected mother. She is dealing with several issues and body and mood changes. Pregnancy brings unpleasant symptoms, particularly when it comes to rest and sleep.

While pregnant getting a good night sleep is quite impossible. Your tummy will become more comprehensive as your pregnancy advances, your baby’s kicks will become more vigorous, and you’ll feel compelled to urinate every 20 minutes. That translates to a lot of time awake at night and not enough sleep.

That is particularly true in the third trimester when sleep is essential for both mother and baby yet challenging to come by. As the weight gain and baby growing bigger begin to impact muscles and blood flow. Also, in the last stage of pregnancy comes various sleep-related changes.

If you’re in the third trimester and can’t sleep, keep reading for tips on how to enhance your sleep quality. Also, we will tell you how to sleep during pregnancy in the third trimester.

How much sleep do I need:

When you’re pregnant, your sleep isn’t as deep and refreshing as it used to be, and you’ll wake up more frequently.

However, getting enough sleep isn’t always easy, especially if you have a job, children, or other commitments. If possible, go to bed earlier than usual and take a nap during the day. There is no time limit on how much time you need to sleep. Rest whenever you get the time.

Sleep Problems

Your baby bump, which is too huge to allow you to sleep easily throughout the third trimester. Other than that, several pregnancy quirks could keep you awake at night. These are some of them:

  • Back pain
  • Depression, anxiety, and insomnia
  • Leg Pain
  • Snoring
  • Frequent loo
  • Heartburn

Important sleeping tips

The symptoms are apparent when you are in the third trimester, but if you try, you can get a good night’s sleep if you just know how to deal with it.

Below are some tips you can follow to get a better sleep position and get a goodnight’s sleep.

  • You can use pillows and cushions to make a comfortable sleeping position. Or else you can buy a pregnancy pillow.
  • If you prefer to sleep on your left side, place a few cushions between your legs and behind your back to get support.
  • Avoid tight clothing and wear comfortable nightwear. Stick to cotton textiles that make you feel at ease and like you’re sleeping.
  • During the third trimester, lying down in bed may not be very comfortable. If you’re more comfortable on a soft chair or a sofa, take a nap.

Which position is the best in pregnancy:

When you’re pregnant, doctors recommend sleeping on your left side. It’s impossible to lie on your stomach beyond the first trimester for apparent reasons. Many doctors also advise against sleeping flat on your back all night.

However, some doctors now believe that pregnant women should sleep in whatever posture is comfortable for them rather than obsessing over it.

Sleeping Positions:

On your Stomach:

You can sleep on your stomach at pregnancy early, but after the baby starts growing, the baby bump makes it uncomfortable to sleep in that position. At that point, you’ll have to change positions.

Back sleeping positions

The doctor advises pregnant women not to sleep on their backs throughout the second and third trimesters since their backs, intestines, and vena cava bear the pressure of womb and baby weight.

Lack of Sleep:

There is a common question for every expected mother is the lack of sleep will harm your baby? The answer is No. In the third trimester of pregnancy, sleeplessness is pretty standard, and it will not harm your baby.

It can, however, make you feel tired. A severe loss of sleep in the last few weeks of pregnancy may also result in delayed labour. That is because if you’re exhausted before you start, you’ll have a more challenging time coping with the pressures of delivery. Close to your due date, severe sleep deprivation may raise your odds of having a cesarean section.

Tips for getting good night sleep

We’ll give you some sleep tips for the third trimester to help you sleep better at night. But don’t just make it; aim to stick to it as near as possible. Creating a routine will tell your body to go to bed at a specific hour and relax properly.

  • Make a Timetable
  • Stick to a Bedtime Routine
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Eat Healthier
  • Healthy Eating
  • Avoid using a device.
  • Sleeping in a Specific Position
  • Continue to be active.
  • Maintain a relaxed attitude.
  • At night, eat less.


The third trimester is the most challenging for most women, bringing back discomfort, heartburn, and other symptoms. Not only will get a good night’s sleep be more difficult, but you’ll also feel tired during the day. Pregnancy can bring up many emotions, and the physical changes you go through might be frightening. Nothing can erase the fact that you are a strong woman, and it will all be worth it when you see your child.

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