Diapers & Wipes Giveaway twice a month.

Request for contest set up by whom? MyBellaBaby
Date of request: March 3, 2023


Contest Prize description and value: $150.00 worth of Diapers & Wipes Giveaway twice a month. (Contest winner drawn on the 15th and last day of the month).
Event Type Online Giveaway
What is the frequency of this contest? 1 giveaway per household
Who is hosting the contest? PACD Lazer Marketing Inc.
Location Online social media
Who Can offer the Contest Mybellababy & Representative of the company.
Date of the contest: March 5th 2023 – No end date set


What is the age limit of the nominated child? Expectant Parents & Parents with children under 6 months old.
Entry Quantity Limitation? Limit of one entry per household + referral from parents.
Who can enter the contest? Parents, Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, and Uncles over the age of 18, who have a valid Canadian SIN number.
What is needed to qualify?

A valid promo code associated with the contest  provided by MyBellababy head  

office/administration to approved Knowledge  First Financial Sales Representative(s)  permitted to advertise or promote  


Promo Code: PAMPERS


Who will select the winner? PACD Lazer Marketing (owner of MyBellaBaby) Director.
What is the one-time winner selection date? 4-5 business date (Contest winner on 15th and  last day of the month)
What is the winner selection location? PACD Lazer Marketing (owner of MyBellaBaby) Head Office.


When does the contest Start? March 5th, 2023 (Once post is active the  contest starts)
What is the contest close date? No end date set
In what language(s) is the contest run in? English


When will the Release Letter with skilltesting question be completed and signed? Emailed to winner after the event, completed and returned to PACD Lazer Marketing head office.
How will the prize be delivered once the Release Letter is signed? Emailed to winner and phone call follow up.
How long does the winner have to claim the prize? 5 business days from email sent.
What happens if winner does not claim prize within time frame provided? New winner is drawn from the registrations that were made from contest (up to a maximum of 2 more attempts).


CONTEST:  Win a $500 Diaper Draw Giveaway Giveaway

  1. No purchase necessary to enter.
  2. Online registration for the contest is collected by PACD Lazer Marketing owner of MyBellababy.ca website and will not be resubmitted into any future contest.
  3. Key Eligibility a) Entrants who have reached the age of majority and satisfy the additional qualification under “KEY ELIGIBLITY REQUIREMENTS” are eligible for the contest, excluding the employees, and those with whom you that are domiciled, of the PACD Lazer Marketing Inc and any contest sponsors or organizers.
  4. How to Enter: Complete an official online registration at the mybellababy.ca website or person registration page of MyBellaBaby agents as well as “KEY CONTEST DETAILS”.
  5. Probability: Probability of an entrant being selected will be dependent upon the number of eligible entries received during the contest period.Every properly completed online registration has an equal chance of being drawn.
  6. General Release: Each entrant agrees: a) to be bound by the contest rules and subject to all applicable laws. b) That PACD Lazer Marketing (and any contest partner) will not accept for be responsible for 6a) entries that are lost, stolen, delayed, mechanically produced, telephoned, altered, damaged, destroyed, incomplete, inaccurate, irregular, inaccurately captured, misidentified or 6b) printing, technical or human errors or any other problems, errors or negligence that may arise or occur in connection with the Contest (including prize and/or contest information). 6c) To hold harmless PACD Lazer Marketing Inc (and its affiliates and any contest partner) from any claim, loss, expense (including legal fees) or other liability which may be sustained in connection with the Contest including, without limitation, any damages resulting from the entry participation, prize acceptance, receipt, ownership or use or misuse of the prize, or while preparing for, participating in, and/or travelling to any prize-related activity.6d) That PACD Lazer Marketing Inc. reserve the right to withdraw or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice and may at its sole discretion change key terms or substitute the contest Winner Selection:  Winner(s) will be randomly selected from all eligible entries received during the contest period. See below under “WINNER SELECTION DETAILS” for more information.
  7. Winner Notification:Select winner(s) will be contacted by email/phone by a Director or employee of PACD Lazer Marketing Inc or MyBellaBaby, who will verify the entrant’s details and make arrangements to deliver and present the prize.  If unable to connect directly with the selected entrant (voicemail excluded) within 10 business days following the winner selection date, the winner is disqualified; prize is forfeited and a new winner is selected from the contest registrant database.
  8. To be declared a winner:Winner must be the following or be disqualified with no replacement winner being drawn:  9a) correctly answer an unaided time-limited skilled testing question pertains to mathematics or general knowledge. 9b) Sign a release form confirming compliance with all contest rules and acceptance of the prize.  9c) Accept the prize as awarded (and any terms and conditions stated in the use of the prize. 9d) Accept that substitutions, cash or transferability are not permitted.
  9. Personal Information: All entries become the property of PACD Lazer Marketing Inc. and will not be returned nor shared with any other unassociated company. a) Entrants agree: Information provided in their ballots can be used by PACD Lazer Marketing Inc. (and associated sponsors or partners) for the purpose of Contest participation and potentially receiving information and/or contact by from associated sponsors or partners of PACD Lazer Marketing Inc. If the entrant wishes to opt out of receiving information or contact, they can check the appropriate box on the entry ballot (see privacy policy at www.mybellababy.ca) b) Winner(s) Agree: To the unlimited use, without remuneration, of the information provided on their ballot in accordance with privacy laws and any photographs, in future marketing efforts and publicity (including the internet) by PACD Lazer Marketing Inc. and associated sponsors or partners.
Key Contest Details  
Prize description and value: $150.00 worth of Diapers & Wipes Giveaway  twice a month. (Contest winner drawn on 15th and last day of the month).
Contest open date/time: March 5TH 2023
Contest closing date/time: No end date set
Official entry ballot available at:

Legitimate entries only accepted at www.mybellababy.ca (as well as designated contest pages promoted by C.S.T Savings Inc.).


Entry Submission and limitation(s): All entries must have a promo code in the promo field to be eligible for the contest. Only one entry per household is permitted.
Key Eligibility Requirements
Contest only open to residents of:


Canadian  residents only


Contest open to: Parents, Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, and Uncles over the age of 18, who have a valid Canadian SIN number.
Child age requirement (Date of Birth):

For Deals, Gift Card Giveaways and National Contests:  Household must have: A child under the age of 1 month old to qualify.


Winner Selection Details
Conducted by: PACD Lazer Marketing Inc., administrator
Date/time of selection: 4-5 business days after the contest closes by end of the business day.
Location of selection: Address listed below.
For list of winners (name and community only), write to PACD Lazer Marketing Inc. ​252- 8138 128th Street, Surrey,BC, V3W 141.