Slow Down This Summer

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This summer take a stand and slow it down with your family. 

In today’s society it is so easy for us to get wrapped up in being busy and using that as a sign of happiness. 

Signing up for all the classes, activities, events, etc etc 

Did you know that the importance of play is just as important as educational learning?

Slowing it down, playing and spending time with one another in a slowed down pace can help bring you closer together as a family

Here are a few ideas.

Get Out Of The House

Go for a walk together without phones. Go on a field trip in the nature.

Take A Break From Technology

Do a full day with no technology. Watch how close your family gets with spending some quality time with conversations that allow you to fully connect

Everyone Pitch In 

Allow the whole family to help with chore time. Cleaning the kitchen together, giving your children small tasks shows what happens when you work as a team member. 

Sit Down To Dinner

Create the motion that dinner is a time to sit together at the table. No phones. Just you guys, food and a table to open the meaningful conversations. 

Cut Back On The Activities 

Less is more! Create a schedule with some time in between to slow down, rest, and play.

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  • Donna Maracle

    Thank you we need to spend more time n person with family

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