Summer with a newborn 

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Summer with a new baby can seem a little bit overwhelming. 

The days are long, hot and you have a newborn that you are trying to protect from the sun. heat, elements and more

Here are a few tips and tricks we found worked for us. 

Always have a sunhat

Maybe get a few to go in your car, diaper bag, stroller and more so you are never without a sun hat

Make sure you use what is comfortable for the baby to wear outdoors for long periods of time. 

Use sunscreen

This one is important! 

There are many amazing brands out there that carry sunscreen for little babes who are outside during the day. 

Make sure to pack extra as you have to reapply every so often 

Seek Shade

If you are going to be staying at your destination for longer than an hour, make sure you find a nice shady spot. 

Dress baby comfortably 

Grab a thin muslin blanket to keep the baby comfortable but dont layer on their clothing. 

A nice onesie, or a UV protected piece of clothing. 

Are we missing any tips that you have found useful already?

We would love for you to share with us.

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