How much does a pregnancy test cost?

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A pregnancy test is a medical test that gives us information about a woman whether she is pregnant. You can identify that with urine or blood test. It depends on the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the body, and tests measure it with the placenta after an egg has been fertilized. So, here we will talk about how much does a pregnancy test cost?

Here we will cover the cost of the pregnancy test and some common misconceptions about them. It will help you get a standard idea about the pregnancy test costs from here, as you can get them when needed. So, let’s start the discussion.

Types of Pregnancy Test

There is two standard pregnancy test that we generally take on everyday use. So, we will discuss that first.

A urine test for pregnancy is done to find the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine. You can do it at home through some routine tasks. The home kits are also available in the market, making it easier to do the test.Types of Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy checkup with a blood test brings better and more accurate results. A blood test can tell you whether there is the hormone hCG in your body or not.

The pregnancy checkup with a blood test needs to be analyzed in a lab to get the correct result. The results of the pregnancy checkup with the blood test generally need 2 days to give the proper result.

Pregnancy Test Cost

A urine pregnancy test kit is a type of pregnancy test that needs to check the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine, and then it can tell if you are pregnant or not. This type of test is around $25 for a single one.

This test is usually over-the-counter and can be bought at a pharmacy or grocery store. It is generally available over-the-counter, but you will need to find the right place where it is sold.

Pregnancy Test Cost

Similarly, a blood-based pregnancy test kit is an easy and accurate way to determine if a woman is pregnant. It is estimated that the price of the blood-based kit ranges around $50, depending on the type of test.

This type of blood-based pregnancy test kit involves drawing a sample of blood from the woman’s arm to test for the presence of hCG hormone. This type of pregnancy test kit can be in an affordable range.

Where to get the tests

If we first talk about a blood test. A blood-based pregnancy test is a more accurate way where you will know the result. It can detect pregnancy hormones within 6-12 days, and you can take necessary protection. Here a doctor or a medical practitioner will do the test.

Where to get the tests

Doctors recommend that you take a blood-based pregnancy test if:

– You have had unprotected sex and don’t want to get pregnant

– You think you might be pregnant

– You have pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts, nausea, or unusual swelling.

Here you need to go to a doctor to consult and take the necessary steps for the test.

In the urine-based pregnancy test, let me tell you that innovative urine-based pregnancy tests can be done at home.

This test is called Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator, and it is based on the principle of detecting the pregnancy hormone hCG in urine. The placenta produces this hormone and will be present in your body from about 10 weeks onwards.

The test can be used 12 days after your expected period date up to 6 days before your expected due date. The results will show either ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ on the display screen. So, if you know the process, you can do the test at home and get instant results.

Which one is comfortable?

There is a common issue which one will you pick? According to the features and facilities, we should go for either a urine-based or blood test. Now you can decide which one will be better for you; below we have given some detailed information.

A urine-based pregnancy test is better for women because it is more accurate and less invasive. You can buy the kit from the nearest shop and test it yourself.

The accuracy of a urine-based pregnancy test is comparatively well compared to a blood test. It has a 95% accuracy rate. A blood-based pregnancy test has an 85% accuracy rate.

A urine-based pregnancy test is less invasive than a blood-based one because it doesn’t require needles or any bodily fluids from the tested person.

The urine-based pregnancy tests are available in 5 minutes, while the results of the blood-based one take up to 3 days to get back to you. So, considering all these things, you can take a urine-based test. For more information, you can visit our site.


We have been discussing the issue how much does a pregnancy test cost? But now it is your decision which one you will choose. If you want immediate results, go for the urine-based test and if you need more accurate results, take the blood test. The prices are quite affordable that you can take any time.

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