DIY Pregnancy Gift Basket For New Moms in 2022

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Getting gifts for new moms is decent but making a DIY gift basket is the best idea. Most of us don’t have enough time to make a DIY gift basket for our expecting mothers. We always go to the store, pick a gift and send it to our loved ones. But making gifts by taking time with your own hands is the best way to express your love towards others.

If you have enough time to create a new DIY gift basket for your pregnant friend, then do not miss the chance. Most of you don’t know what to add to the gift basket essential for her, and this article will help you choose that. No matter who is expecting their first child or second child, it is our responsibility to give the true love they need in that time. And giving pregnancy care gift box filled with things that she would use will show the love.

How To Make DIY Pregnancy Gift Basket

Making DIY pregnancy gift baskets is easy, and everyone can make them. You need to get a basket and fill it with essential needs for mom-to-be. Now the question is, what type of product should you put in a DIY pregnancy gift basket? To answer that question, we have given some options for DIY pregnancy gifts for new moms.

Pregnancy Gift Basket For New Moms

Parental vitamins and pill organizer

Taking parental vitamins during pregnancy is the most important thing. Because during pregnancy, most women lack essential vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to take a vitamin supplement regularly. 

You can get omega-3 oil, vitamin D, pill organizer, etc., to fill the basket. Make sure you research well before you put vitamins in the basket because not all vitamins are meant to be taken during pregnancy, such as fish liver oil. You can check out more details about gift baskets from the mybellababy website.

Gift Basket With Skincare Essentials

During pregnancy, a woman can not take proper care of her skin. As a good ally, it is your responsibility to make sure she takes good care of her skin. Making a DIY gift basket with skincare goodies will keep the pregnant mom reminded to take care of her skin. 

A good cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, body lotion should be put in the gift basket. But remember, some woman’s skin get sensitive during pregnancy, so make sure to give them mild products that will suit their skin. Do not forget to put sunscreen with SPF 50+++ in the basket. The mom will thank you later for making her this DIY gift basket.

Sleep Mask with Nightlight and Robe

Making a basket filled with things that will make them sleep tight will be the best gift basket for pregnant moms. Most expectant moms can not sleep well because of many issues, and giving a gift basket that can help them sleep tight would be essential for her. 

You can put a luxurious robe with a sleeping mask and nightlight in the basket. A luxurious robe will keep the pregnant mom warm and relaxed. If she can’t sleep in the light, then a sleeping mask will help the new mom to sleep well. And a nightlight in your newborn room will make it more beautiful to see. So make sure you are giving the best you can whenever it comes to providing a pregnant woman gift.

Comfy Pajama and slippers

What could be better than getting a comfy pyjama set with warm slippers for the new mom? During pregnancy, no woman wants to wear dresses that are difficult to put on and are not relaxing. Pyjamas are the best outfit for comfort and relaxation to wear during pregnancy, and it is relaxing as well. And pairing the set with warm slippers would be the best pair for pregnancy. 

Make sure you put the comfiest material for pyjamas and slippers with fur in it. And don’t forget about the size, because at this time of your life you need an extra-large size. So if you are getting pyjamas, make sure you are getting the right size of pyjamas for the newly pregnant mom.

Baby Essentials basket

A basket filled with essential baby things will make the mom so much happy. You can put development toys, baby bottles, diaper sets, baby foods, wipes, etc., in the basket. 

The pregnant mom often doesn’t have time to get essential things for her baby on time. And getting a DIY baby basic basket will make her work ten times easier. Don’t forget to put a comfy baby blanket in the basket. The baby will be wrapped around the comfortable blanket after being born. So it will be helpful for new moms if you make a DIY gift basket filled with baby essentials. You can customize your baby basket on the mybellababy website.

Hand-sewn Dresses

The most loving way to express your affection towards someone is to make them hand-sewn dresses. That’s why our moms and grandma’s make us beautiful hand-sewn dresses. 

If you can make time, get the pregnant mom has-sewn dresses for the baby and make a gift basket. You can put clothing, cute little beanies, socks, and scarves in the basket. This DIY basket will be sentimental to the new mom.


Whether it’s your friend or family member in the family, getting gifts during their pregnancy phase will be so sentimental to them. And if that gift is DIY, then it will be more heart-touching to them. So make sure you are giving your best while making the DIY gift basket for new moms.

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