Important Pregnancy Tips For Newly Pregnant Moms!

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Most new moms don’t know what to follow after getting pregnant. And most newly pregnant women waste too much time on the internet searching for pregnancy tips for new moms. And if you are one of them, then this article will be beneficial for you.

If you are pregnant, you might know some essential tips for pregnancy, and that is healthy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first and foremost tip every doctor will give you if you get pregnant. So whether you know about other essential information for pregnancy, keeping the baby healthy by maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first thing you need to do.

Essential tips for a healthy pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy will ensure your baby’s health. And it is your responsibility to ensure that your unborn baby is healthy. In this article, we will be focusing on things you should do during pregnancy for new moms. If you want to know something you should not be doing during pregnancy, then check out the mybellababy website.

Write a birth plan

Writing a birth plan should be done by all new moms because it’s exciting and essential. By writing a birth plan, you will acknowledge who to be there during your labour, what to take with you to the hospital.

Write a birth plan

Here are some essential topics you should add to your birth plan:

  • What clothes you would like to take with you?
  • What necessary things should be in the bag?
  • Who do you want with you in the labour room?

And many more things you can add to your birth plan and clear things out so that there would be no rush during the labour time.

Avoid Caffeine

Drinking caffeine during pregnancy can leave a negative impact on the baby and your health. You may face many health risks if you have caffeine during pregnancy. 

It takes time to digest the caffeine, and it travels through the placenta to your baby’s bloodstream. Usually, caffeine races the heart rate and stimulates your blood and nervous system that may cause harm to your baby if you are pregnant. Even a tiny amount of caffeine can have higher chances of miscarriage so make sure you avoid taking caffeine during pregnancy

Avoid Caffeine

Most women don’t know this fact but taking caffeine during pregnancy can cause a 13% increase in low birth weight for your baby. You can take herbal tea during pregnancy but make sure to consult with your doctor before taking any herbal tea.

Practice Kegel Exercise

The most important exercise that every woman should do is the kegel exercise. Kegel exercise will help your pelvic floor muscle to be more flexible so that you can do a normal delivery. Even if you are not planning to have a normal delivery, kegel exercise will help you deliver the baby easier. But you have to do the kegel exercise correctly to make the labour easier. 

Practice Kegel Exercise

You can perform kegel exercises anywhere because no one will know that you are doing the exercise. First, you have to practice squeezing your vagina like you are stopping the urine from flowing. Then hold the kegel position for 3 seconds and release it from squeezing. Repeat the process ten times a day to make sure you are an expert at kegel exercise.

Eliminate alcohol and drugs

As a newly pregnant mom, you might celebrate your pregnancy by drinking entirely lousy alcohol. Because drinking alcohol during pregnancy will cause congenital disabilities, miscarriage, and so many other health issues for you and your baby. 

Eliminate alcohol and drugs

You have to avoid every type of alcohol and drug during pregnancy, such as tobacco, cigarettes, even illicit drugs like paint thinner and nail polish remover. If you smoke cigarettes or weed, then your body will lack oxygen flow, and it will cause congenital disability to your baby.

Get enough sleep

The majority of women during pregnancy can not sleep properly, and they have to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. If you do not sleep properly, your body will lack sleep and will release a stress hormone which is called cortisol. And the cortisol will cause many problems during and after pregnancy. Also, your baby’s health will be in danger if you don’t sleep properly.

Get enough sleep 

It isn’t easy to get enough sleep if you are pregnant. And for that, you can check how you can sleep during pregnancy-related information on the mybellababy website.

Teach yourself

Make sure you gather every knowledge about pregnancy so that you don’t have to face any issues in the future. The best choice to educate yourself about pregnancy is to attend a childbirth class. 

Attending a childbirth or pregnancy class will make your journey smooth. You can inquire about any questions to clarify your confusion in the childbirth classes. You can also get so many benefits from the course, including consulting with doctors. Attending pregnancy class will give you every detail about pregnancy and infant care. So make sure even though it’s not your first pregnancy, you should join a childbirth class.


Only a new mom will feel the lack of knowledge during the pregnancy phase. Most moms don’t have enough resources to gather all the pregnancy tips for a healthy baby. As you headway in your pregnancy journey, you will get more information day by day. And by following all these tips, you will have a healthy pregnancy journey with a healthy baby. We hope this article has helped you to be a fit mom during your pregnancy journey.

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