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Getting free baby samples is a great way to check the product and test it before your baby is born. But getting free samples in Canada is not easy yet not impossible. You can still get free baby stuff mailed in front of your door whether you live in America or Canada. 

Many brands send free baby stuff as a sample to test for the baby in Canada. But first, you have to know the process for getting free baby stuff in Canada. You have to realize which brands and websites are providing free samples by mail. In this article, you will know the vital information and sign up to get free baby samples in Canada. The technique is susceptible and will not take ample time. Make sure you stay with us until the end and read the whole article for more detailed information.

Signing Up Process For Getting Free Baby Stuff In Canada

The signing up process will take less than 2 minutes but searching the brand will take more time. But if you want a quick solution, then we will recommend you to register on the mybellababy website to get free baby samples mailed to Canada.

You have to give your information in the form and your address, and that’s it; you will get free baby samples at your front door. But sometimes you have to pay for the shipping charge, but this policy only applies to some brands, not every brand.

free baby samples mailed to canada

Here are some brands that are giving away free baby stuff to Canada.

  1. Enfamil
  2. Target
  3. Amazon family
  4. Huggies Rewards
  5. Milestone
  6. Dolly Parton’s imagination library
  7. Pampers Rewards
  8. Babylist
  9. Walmart
  10. Sample source

More brands are providing free samples other than these ten websites. The process of getting free samples from these websites is super easy. 

These brands need new customers. That’s why they send free baby samples to their new customers to buy them after the baby is born. They promote their brand by sending free samples to people who register at their website.

How To Register On Websites To Get Free Samples?

Registering on websites for free baby samples is very is easy and will not take time. You are required to make an account on the website of your choice that will provide free samples with your email and password. Then make sure to click on their register button, and they will take you to a form to fill up.

You have to write your name, your birth date, your email address, and your home address on the website form to get the free baby samples. Make sure you put the zip code of your address so that they can send the product to your front door.

But not every site will give you a free sample. Sometimes you have to finish a contest presented by the website to get free samples mailed to your home. After you register on the website, they will offer to play a game, and if you win, you will get free baby stuff delivered to your front door. 

Not all sites will send you the same products as baby samples. Some brands are related to food so that they will send you free food products for babies. The food-related sites will send you complimentary food after you register on their websites. And sometimes the brands send delicious desserts on clients’ birthdays. But it depends on the website because not all websites do the same. 

Some brands will provide you with coupons and discount codes to get their product. They do not ship free products. They will make you buy the products but at less cost with coupons and other discounts. But it is still helpful for expecting parents so that they don’t ruin their budget. 

In some cases, you have to pay the shipping charge as well. Because not every brand will pay the shipping cost for you, and if you live in Canada, you have more chances to pay the shipping charges for free baby samples.

You will get notifications every time a new offer or coupon for you from the website for free baby samples. They will also send emails to you to tell you that a sale is going on the website. By doing that, you will know when is the perfect time to get your baby stuff with less charge.

free baby stuff to canada

What to Get As A Free Baby Samples in Canada

Many brands will offer you many products sometimes that might not be necessary for you. You can choose which samples you want from the website, and they will provide you with the pieces at your front door. 

As an expecting parent, you can choose samples related to baby essentials like baby bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. Many brands also provide small blankets with their samples for the baby. 

You can also get stuff for yourself, such as multivitamins supplements, face masks, belly masks, etc., from the website. And all of these offers and free samples will be available on the mybellababy webpage as well. 

You can also only set diapers from the website to test out for the baby. All of those samples will be high-quality so that you don’t have to worry about the product quality. You can also get free baby boots and pajamas in the models as well. 

Even on some websites, you can customize your baby sample packs to be easier for you.


Whether you are a new parent or not, it will always be a struggle for you to test products for your baby. And not everyone can go to the store during pregnancy to try baby stuff. So the convenient way to get baby samples and for free is to sign up on websites.

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