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How exciting it is to know that one of your friends is expecting her first baby. But it is also your responsibility to spoil her with love and affection for her pregnancy. To express your love towards your newly pregnant friend, you should get her gift baskets.

A woman can go through much emotional trauma during her pregnancy days because of hormones and the environment around her. Now, if you are planning to get a gift basket for your newly pregnant friend, make sure all the things will be helpful to l for her. You don’t want to get something for your pregnant friend that will not be necessary for her. For example, a bouquet is not going to work out for a pregnant woman. But a pregnancy pillow will be helpful for a pregnant woman. That’s why choose carefully whenever you are getting a gift basket for a newly pregnant woman.

gift basket for a newly pregnant woman

Type of Gift Baskets You can Get For Newly Expecting Friend

A gift basket can include so many things as a gift. And some brands specially make gift baskets for pregnant or expecting women with products that are useful to them.  You can check the mybellababy website to get more ideas about gift baskets for pregnant women.

Basket with baby essentials

A basket filled with baby bottles, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc., will make a mom’s work easy. It is an excellent idea for someone to get a gift basket filled with baby essentials for a newly pregnant friend.

gift baskets for pregnant women

Also, a gift basket with baby essentials is convenient for expecting parents and will be helpful for them. These types of gift baskets will fulfill the needs of the baby, including the baby’s handkerchief. So if you want to spend money on gift baskets, this gift basket for expecting parents will be beneficial.

Gift basket with bath and body essential

After getting pregnant, it is hard for a woman to maintain her shower routine. The period of shower is only 10 minutes for a pregnant woman. Because a pregnant woman can not take care of her body during pregnancy days, and as a good friend, getting a gift basket with bath and body essentials will help her in many ways.

The gift basket will include products of bath and body essentials, such as body wash, bath salt, body scrub, essential oils, body lotion, organic soap, etc. This gift basket will help the new mommy to take care of her body after giving birth or during pregnancy. Getting a bath and body essential gift basket will constantly remind the newly pregnant woman that she needs to take care of their body.  

Basket of Baby development toys

Getting a gift basket of baby development toys will help your friend’s baby develop its brand quickly. Development toys are essential for a baby to develop their mind, and they can learn quickly. 

The gift basket will include alphabet blocks, development toys, puzzles, etc., so that the baby’s brain can improve adequately. It is the ultimate idea to get a basket of high-end toys to strengthen a baby’s brain.

Gift Basket of haircare products

For hormonal imbalance, a woman loses a lot of hair during pregnancy. And if you are a good friend, then it is your responsibility to give your newly pregnant friend a gift basket of hair care products. 

The haircare gift basket will include hair oil, essential oils, hair shampoo, conditioner, leave on a hair mask, etc., to grow her hair back to normal. If you plan to get the best gift basket for your newly pregnant friend, then it is the right time to give her a gift basket of hair care products.

New Baby Gift Basket

The new baby gift basket is an adorable way to welcome the new baby into the family. This baby gift basket has so many baby essentials that it will be helpful for every pregnant woman. 

This baby gift basket is perfect for baby showers and welcoming new babies into the family. And this basket includes a baby comb, a baby receiving blanket, Johnson and Johnson baby soap, and two cotton beanies. You will also get two sets of baby boots and two bodysuits in the basket. You can get this new baby gift basket from the Mybellababy website. 

The new parents will remember every memory they spend with this baby gift basket. Getting a gift basket for a newly pregnant woman would make her emotional and happy.

A basket of free coupons

Giving free coupons and gift cards is the new way you show your love towards your friend. Most people don’t know what to get for their friends, and getting a basket of free coupons and gift cards would make their work easy. 

gift basket filled

Your gift basket can include coupons for Sephora or salons so that your pregnant friend can get a discount on her relaxing days. The gift card will help her to get free Starbucks and makeup as well. So it is the best idea to get a gift basket of free coupons for your newly pregnant friend.


A pregnant woman fights every day with her emotions, and it is the right time to spoil her with gifts. Getting gift baskets for a newly pregnant friend will add joy to her life, and the facility will be sentimental to her. So make sure you are a good friend by spoiling your newly pregnant friend with gifts and love.

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