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Giving birth is a natural procedure, and every woman’s body is designed to provide delivery naturally. But some women prefer the C section for giving birth. However, we can not certainly control what is going to happen in the labour room. But still, we can pursue some advice to have a normal delivery. 

For first moms, it is the most fantastic feeling in the world for having their first baby. And a woman who is pregnant for the first time is scared to give birth to their first child, which is typical for every woman. Almost every pregnant woman wishes to have an easy natural delivery. But not every woman can give birth with normal delivery since it depends on so many factors. By performing the tips given below, you can be a step ahead from having a normal delivery.

What to Do for Having A Normal Delivery

Being pregnant is an overwhelming thing, and difficulty during birth can break a woman’s confidence. Most women are scared and emotionally unstable while giving birth. And every woman wants her labour to be easy and natural.

Exercise Regularly

For a pregnant woman, exercising will keep her active and vital to get herself together in labour. Pregnant women must perform mild exercise every day to keep their stamina up. Pelvic exercises will help you in childbirth because they will work on the pelvic muscle.

pregnancy exercise

 If you do regular yoga or mild exercises, you will get stronger and bear the pain of labour. Weak people should perform the activity if they are pregnant so that the muscle can grow. Pregnant women doing exercises daily will help their muscles to combat the stress of childbirth pain. 

So to have a normal delivery, make sure you are performing mild exercises daily.

Do Regular Perineal Massage

Doing regular perineal massage will take you one step ahead of the standard delivery. It would help if you did a perineal massage every day once you entered the seventh month of your pregnancy.

perineal massage 

The perineal massage helps women to get rid of stress and make their vagina ready for giving birth. But you have to know the proper technique for perineal massage. To do the perineal massage, you have to hook your thumb inside the vagina. Then you are required to pull the lower part of the vagina delicately outward and forward. You should keep dragging the lower part of the vagina outward and along and massage so that you can have a normal delivery.

Do Not Stress

Having stress is the leading cause of many health problems during pregnancy. Stressing can keep a negative impact on your delivery, and you may face difficulties during childbirth. 

pregnancy stress

To make sure you are not stressed, you can listen to happy music, read books, cook your favourite meal, go for a walk or watch your favourite movie. Doing things you love will release happy hormones, which will help you to get rid of stress. Another thing you can do is gather enough knowledge about pregnancy. 

By gathering the knowledge of pregnancy, you will know all the consequences before, and it will not give you stress anymore. The Mybellababy website has a lot of blogs about pregnancy that will help you collect all the information about pregnancy.

Choose a Doctor With High Normal Delivery Rate

The most significant point is choosing a doctor with a high normal delivery rate. Whenever you are discussing with a gynaecologist, make sure to ask about her cesarean rate. Also, do not forget to clear the discussions with how exactly you want to have your baby. You need to clarify that you need a normal delivery, and your doctor will give you everything you need to have a normal delivery. 

Clarify every confusion you have about your standard delivery and make sure to know every tip to have a normal delivery. Choosing the right doctor will solve half of the problem during pregnancy. Your doctor has to listen carefully to acknowledge what you want from them.

Have a healthy diet

A healthy diet is a crucial factor for pregnant women, whether you will have a standard delivery or C section. 

Even if you are not pregnant, doctors always advise having a healthy diet. The proper diet will help pregnant women to develop their babies stronger. Not only for the baby but also the women will be capable of facing all the challenges in labour. The possibilities of having a normal delivery are associated with the weight of the woman. So make sure you are maintaining a healthy weight with a healthy diet during pregnancy. 

Eating a lot of green vegetables and drinking water and other healthy fluids during pregnancy would help a woman to give birth naturally. Do not forget to take nutritional supplements that are essential for pregnant women. You have to consult with a nutritionist during pregnancy to keep a healthy diet. Make sure to read more blogs from the mybellababy website about pregnancy.


A woman who is giving birth for the first time can be scared, anxious, and stressed. But the partner has to be supportive to stand with his wife in her difficulties. These things will encourage a woman to have a normal delivery but not every woman can give birth naturally due to so many factors. So make sure to follow these steps even though you don’t want a normal delivery.

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