Things You Should Do During Pregnancy to Have a Beautiful and Healthy Baby!

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Every expecting parent wishes to have a beautiful and healthy baby. And having an Intelligent baby not only depends on the parent’s genes, but it also depends on how healthy the lifestyle is. Mothers’ diet, emotions, lifestyle plays a significant role in developing a healthy and beautiful baby.

Many researchers have been saying that half of the IQ of the baby comes from the gene, and the other half develops or is influenced by the baby’s environment. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can lead to an intelligent and beautiful baby. All the small steps you take every day will ensure how beautiful and intelligent your baby will be. To make sure you have a beautiful and healthy baby, you need to follow some daily tasks.

What to do to have a Beautiful Baby During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women are confused about what to follow during pregnancy. And if you want more information about pregnancy, then make sure to check out the mybellababy website for more pregnancy blogs. What to and what not to do will decide your baby’s brain development and intelligence in the future. So make sure you are choosing all the decisions wisely during pregnancy. But here are some simple tasks you should do every day to ensure your baby’s beauty and health.

Stay Healthy And Active

Staying healthy and fit is a part of life, but you must stay healthy when it comes to pregnancy. Exercise regularly will boost your endorphin or “happy hormone,” which will make your baby happy because endorphin keeps your baby calm and helps to make your baby more innovative and more robust. So you being strong means your baby is going to be strong as well.

Staying healthy and fit during pregnancy time

The hormones released during exercise cross the mother’s placenta and then bathe the baby with good chemicals for a couple of hours. Not only that, exercising will help boost blood circulation around the mother’s body and womb. They are making the baby healthy and strong by increasing the hormones and blood in the body. So make sure you are staying fit and performing mild exercises and yoga to make your baby beautiful and intelligent.

Start reading stories to the unborn from a children’s book.

Doctors said it is essential to read stories during pregnancy to the unborn baby. After giving birth, when you reread the story, your baby will recognize the specific passage you read to them while they are in your tummy. 

During pregnancy, make a storytime habit at night and read the children’s book to your unborn child. And reading storybooks will help your baby to develop their mind and make them brighter and sharper. Also, you can talk to your unborn child during pregnancy because babies can hear and respond to sound after some months. The foundation for language begins in the womb, which means your baby will learn more quickly if you talk to them while they are in your tummy. 

So make sure you make a habit of storytime or talk with your unborn child to help them learn quickly.

Take essential supplements

Most people are not aware of the importance of taking supplements during pregnancy. A woman loses so much blood while giving birth, and it is essential to take supplements during pregnancy. Also, taking supplements will make the baby develop their brain fast and make them healthy. 

Folic Acid

folic acid

For some women during pregnancy, the baby can create neural tube defects such as spina bifida. To reduce the risks of developing tube defects, the mother should consume folic acid supplements. But before taking any supplement, make sure to contact the doctor because a woman who has diabetes needs to take a higher dose of 5mg of folic acid. 

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is essential for pregnant women to develop their baby’s bones ideally. Only vitamin D from the sun is not enough for pregnant women for healthy bone structure. That’s why doctors recommend taking vitamin D supplements throughout the pregnancy. Your baby’s bones and teeth will develop more vitally if you take vitamin supplements regularly during pregnancy. 

Omega-3 oil

omega oil supplement

Some women don’t eat fish during pregnancy because of the smell, and they can lack the essential element of omega-3 oil. And for them, Fish oil supplements will work wonders. But make sure to get an omega oil supplement, not a fish liver oil supplement. Because fish liver oil contains retinol and which can harm your unborn baby. You can get free baby samples with supplements if you register to mybellababy website.

Do not stress

Stressing is a big no-no when it comes to the baby. Because if you worry during pregnancy, the stress hormone can impact negatively on your baby’s health. 

do not stress

Also, your baby can feel the emotions you are going through while pregnant, so stressing will lead to something unpleasant to your baby that you don’t want. It would help if you thought positive and stayed out of stress while you were pregnant. 

Go outside and walk for some time and get fresh air so that you can be stress-free during pregnancy. Get some sunshine and Vitamin D to develop your baby’s bones and teeth. Also, do you know that your baby has a sense of smell when you are pregnant? That’s why make sure to smell fresh flowers when you walk outside. Your baby also can respond to sound, so all you have to do is listen to happy music and songs to develop your baby’s brain.


A baby is a blessing from God, and it is our responsibility to keep that baby healthy and strong. Most women are not aware of the lifestyle that can lead to a healthy or unhealthy baby in the future. That’s why adopting a healthy lifestyle to get a healthy and intelligent baby is the best way.

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