What are the Symptoms of a Healthy Baby in Pregnancy?

 In Pregnancy

After testing positive for pregnancy, a woman’s body goes a lot through an emotional roller coaster. Whether physically or mentally, it is tough for a woman to keep things together during pregnancy. And many symptoms show up when a woman is pregnant. The signs of pregnancy can be affected by many things, such as hormonal imbalance or emotional imbalance. 

After bearing so much emotional baggage, it is nearly impossible to know what the symptoms of a healthy baby in pregnancy are. But in this article, you will get to know every symptom of a healthy pregnancy.

Symptoms of a healthy pregnancy?

In a healthy pregnancy, you will see a lot of symptoms that can lead you to think if it’s a symptom of a healthy pregnancy. You will get more information about pregnancy from the mybellababy website.

Healthy Baby in Pregnancy

Weight gain

Weight gain is a common symptom for pregnant women. Usually, a woman gains 12-15 kilos during pregnancy, and you can frequently check to see the progress of weight gain. Having a significant difference in your weight gain in pregnancy can be caused by unhealthy pregnancy. But if you have a healthy baby in your belly, you will gain 12-15 kilos during pregnancy.


After five months, your baby will start to move in your belly. If your baby is healthy, then it will respond to the sound through movement. A healthy pregnancy will allow your baby to move into the stomach after five months. And after eight months, the baby starts to kick frequently to respond to sounds. And by the end of 9 months, the baby’s kicking will show less due to the space. In a healthy pregnancy phase, your baby will kick regularly, and it will move frequently.

pregnancy symptoms


After five weeks of your pregnancy, your baby’s heart starts to beat, and you can see this through ultrasound. And you need to consult a doctor after five weeks to make sure your baby’s heart is healthy. Moreover, a regular checkup for your baby’s heart is a must if you are pregnant. Usually, 110 to 160 beats per minute are healthy heart symptoms for your baby. So if you see less or more beat of your baby’s heart, then make sure to consult a doctor.

Normal growth

The growth of the belly is expected during pregnancy, and the change has to be normal. Your doctor needs to perform an ultrasound to check the baby’s average growth. If your baby is healthy, you will see normal development of your belly. But if your baby is not fit or less healthy, then your belly will grow normally. So make sure to check up regularly to track your baby’s healthy growth for a healthy pregnancy.

Position of the baby at the time of pre-labour

The position of the baby is critical to track before labor. Because of the position of the baby, the mother can face problems while giving birth. During the nine months of pregnancy, the baby’s position settles down, and it becomes minimal. If your baby is healthy, it will adopt a head-first position and move towards the birth canal. So to make sure your baby’s position in the belly is okay, do an ultrasound.


It is pretty standard for new moms to crave weird foods during pregnancy. Just because you have weird food cravings doesn’t mean your pregnancy symptoms are not healthy. Although not every woman experience this craving thing because of different hormonal level. But if you feel cravings for foods with weird combinations, then do not stress about it.


During pregnancy, most women can be annoyed by certain smells due to hormonal imbalance. But you do not have to be stressed about the scent because most women face this smelling problem. They can be annoyed by any smell, or some women adapt new aromas that they love. It is normal to get annoyed by the smell of anything during pregnancy, and it is a healthy pregnancy symptom.

Sore and enlarged breasts

It can be unpleasant for some women to have sore and enlarged breasts, but it is the symptom of a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy, the sore breast can be caused by rising estrogen and progesterone in your body. And if your baby or pregnancy phase is not healthy, you will not feel any sore breasts. If your pregnancy is healthy, your body will adapt to the heavy chest feeling, and you will not feel heavy after some months.

Increased vaginal discharge

You will get many articles about pregnancy symptoms on the mybellababy website, which will give you a lot of knowledge about pregnancy. 

Increased vaginal discharge is another healthy symptom of pregnancy, but it seems like it is unhealthy. But trust me, increasing vaginal discharge is normal during every pregnancy. Lots of women face watery, odorless vaginal discharge during pregnancy. And the reason for vaginal discharge increasing is the estrogen that is causing all the water down there. Do not get scared when you feel the water down there because they are vaginal discharge.


Almost every woman faces tension during pregnancy. Because the symptoms can be anything, and most women don’t know what to do if they see any odd signs. You are required to check up with the doctor every other month to track your healthy pregnancy. As an expecting parent, you might feel stressed, which is entirely normal.

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