How To Announce Pregnancy To Husband? Let’s Do Something Creative!

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Pregnancy is one of the best feelings for any girl. When you first get pregnant, telling your partner the good news is your first duty. But how can you tell your hubby that you are pregnant? Of course, you won’t tell the exciting news simply that you are pregnant. If you simply say “You are pregnant”, what’s the pleasure in that? What if you make the announcement more exciting for your husband? Isn’t it great?

Hey! It’s not a simple matter. Have more fun and a great day with your partner. Make your day funny, fabulous, and memorable. So, what are you thinking? What to do? Well! We have a lot of unique ideas to help you find an unforgettable way to tell your partner the good news. Let’s check out these cute, creative, and funny ways:

Some Of The Cutest Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Partner:

Table for three: You can arrange a candle night dinner reservation at an elegant cafe and ask the server to write “Congratulations on your partner’s coffee mug, chocolate, or dessert plate. Your husband is gonna get surprised. He may ask why are you congratulating him. You may have fun and ask him to guess. It is the cutest way of telling him the good news.

Conspiring with the kids: Making a pregnancy announcement shirt is much more unique. Ask a fabric designer to decorate a shirt or t-shirt writing “You are gonna be a dad soon”. You can do one more thing. Wear the shirt and surprise your hubby. Give a tight hug and celebrate yourselves.

The fluffy messenger: Make your announcement more creative through a fluffy messenger. How. Take help from your favorite puppy. Put a sign round on the collar of your t-shirt that means ” a baby is coming“. Isn’t it cute?

Hanging baby pictures on the wall: Let’s decorate your room with a lot of baby pictures. Hang all the pictures on the wall and decor the wall with lights and balloons. When your husband comes home let him reveal the news.

Some Of The Creative Ways Of Telling Your Husband About Your Pregnancy:

Unwrapping the bundle: Let’s congratulate your partner at the breakfast table. How? Let’s do something creative. Make a gift box containing a congratulating card and a quote that says “I am pregnant”. Wrap the box with colorful wrappers and tie a beautiful ribbon around the box. Ask your hubby to unwrap the gift box. When he sees the quote he must be surprised.

Communicate with cupcakes: Bake some cute cupcakes yourself and write “We are gonna be three” on the top of the icing. Put the cakes around your partner and gaze at his reaction. He is gonna give you a tight hug, be sure.

Tummy talk: Tummy talk is one of the most unique ideas you have ever tried. Write something special on your tummy using a marker. You can write in many ways to tell him the announcement. Just put any baby-related puns and make him happy.

Some Of The Fun Ways To Let Out Your Partner  That You Are Pregnant:

Happy snap: Make a special day for your family members and have more fun. Arrange a family get-together party. Ask all your family members for lunch or dinner. You may arrange a picnic together for a family snap. When everyone is gonna say “cheese”, you say “I’m pregnant”. Capture the happy moment on camera quickly and watch everyone’s reaction. Everybody is going to be surprised.

The bun pun: You must hear when something good happens, sweet is a must. Let’s have a try with the sweetest bun pun. Bake a bun and keep it in the microvan. Just tell your hubby there is something sweet in the oven. Let him guess what happens. You may try chocolates as a sweet. It’s cuter I think.

Announce the happy news with a joke: Make your happy moment much more memorable. Let’s see how much your hubby loves you. Let’s use a bit of humor and jokes to talk about your pregnancy. Carve a funny pregnancy reveal card for your hubby. Gift the card to your partner directly or place it in any surprise place. Draw a cute sketch of your future family. You can make a joke card saying “Let’s get ready for changing diapers” or any baby-related puns.

Final Words:

Telling your partner about your pregnancy is one of the exciting things to do. So, why won’t you make something creative? Here, you are gonna get many more unique ideas to surprise your hubby. Let’s have a try.

Whichever idea you choose to tell the good news, don’t get worried about the props you’re using. You don’t have to do anything picture-perfect. Just make your day memorable and have a lot of fun.

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